3D Structured Light Cameras

High-quality 3D cameras for industrial automation.

Our structured light cameras provide state-of-the-art precision and proven robustness for continuous operation. We offer multiple variations that cater to your application-specific needs. From custom fields of view to variable working distances, our cameras provide options for any industrial environment.

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Robot Control Software

Intuitive Graphical Programming Software for Industrial Robots

Our upcoming robot control software will allow your worksite robots to be programmed without a single line of code. The software will offer wide support for various robot models and offer features including advanced path planning, workspace simulation, and collision checking. 

Bin Picking System

Intelligent Pick-and-Place Software

Our bin picking application offers a top-of-the-line solution for industrial pick-and-place workflows. Backed by cutting edge research and delivered through an intuitive graphical programming interface, our application has been rigorously proven through usage in the automotive, fulfillment, and distribution industries.

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