Software Engineer (Computer Vision)


Our mission is to build a robotic brain, a universal AI, to give robots the ability to see, reason, and act on the world around them. We have built state-of-the-art robotic vision solutions that are being applied in many different industries. Our in-house solutions include a 3D structured light camera, a vision processing platform, and a robotic control platform.


We have high ambitions and plan to continue developing the best vision solutions available in the robotics industry. You will join a small, multi-cultural, and passionate team with a firm belief in collaboration and growing together. We have a lot of fun while challenging ourselves every day to develop the best products on the market.



  • Familiarity with common point cloud algorithms such as filtering, ICP, clustering, etc.

  • Understanding of common open-source libraries such as OpenCV, PCL, or Open3d

  • Rich experience in RGB image and point cloud data processing, such as pose estimation, multi-view geometric vision, etc.

  • Knowledge of high-performance computing such as parallel computing, CUDA, SIMD instruction sets, algorithm optimization, etc.

  • SLAM related experience

  • Familiarity with computer graphics, 3D modelling, rendering, etc.

  • Experience in ACM-ICPC programming competitions, robotics competitions, or large-scale hardware and software integrated system development

  • Familiarity with high-performance implementations of common image and point cloud algorithms


  • Assist in the development of our vision software

  • Work on C++ library  and GUI development, GPU programming, code generation, and API design

  • Add new features, improve algorithms and performance, fix issues, improve the code base, and add automated tests

  • Tackle the most important aspects of Software Engineering: programming, problem-solving, testing, scripting, and automation.

  • Work closely with the rest of the Software, Vision, QA, and Customer Success teams

  • Work with toolchains including: Cross-platform C++, CUDA, Qt/Ui, git, Python, Bitbucket, Visual Studio, CMake, boost, Docker, C++/CLI, C#, and Sphinx


  • Focus on code quality and learning: tech talks, code reviews, design reviews, and pair programming

  • High-end workstations and freedom to choose OS and IDE environment

  • A software team dedicated to quality, testing, clean code, and a modern toolchain 

  • A large degree of autonomy and big opportunities for career advancement 

  • An open, creative, collaborative, and innovative environment in a young company with a competent, agile, and international team

  • Challenging problems, responsibilities, and a great deal of fun! 

  • An opportunity to get involved in the ongoing robotics & automation revolution

  • A passion for programming, software engineering, and new technology

  • Solid experience in C++, preferably also Python or C# 

  • Attention to detail, quality, and maintainability

  • A desire to make high-quality production software that meets industry standards 

  • Experience with agile methodologies and testing

  • Previous experience with parallel programming, GPU programming, or GUI programming is a plus

  • M. Sc. or B. Sc. in Computer Science, Information Technology, or similar competence



Please email your resume, cover letter, and any other files, to

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